Our Service to you: The Process - Peace of Mind

Ten-year Guarantee

Our conservatories, windows and doors are manufactured to the highest standards. We guarantee them not to discolour, age-harden, crack or be affected by extremes of temperature. On completion of your installation you will be issued with two ten-year guarantees. The Company guarantee will be issued to you on receipt of your final payment. A further guarantee will be sent to you from the Consumer Protection Association shortly afterwards. Should you sell your home at a later date, the time remaining on the guarantees can be transferred to the new owners.

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA)

The CPA is an independent body offering a range of services designed to offer purchasers of home improvements valuable protection. The CPA underwrites our guarantee. For them to do this, they have to be absolutely confident in our financial stability, our products and the quality of our installation. Should you wish to verify our membership, please call the CPA helpline on 01462 850064 or visit their web site at http://www.thecpa.co.uk


Amex Holdings Ltd. is a FENSA Registered Company. Membership of the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme means that our window and door* installations comply with the latest Government legislation. We notify FENSA of all our installations and they perform random spot checks to confirm that we comply with their rules.

Amazon and The Window Factory are registered under Amex Holdings Ltd’s FENSA registration number 17731. The FENSA registration number for Harlequin Windows Ltd is 22116.

*Conservatories, together with soffits, fascias and gutters do not require FENSA registration.